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Like many of you, I’ve been going through live music event withdrawals — craving the bright lights, lasers, and stunning visuals. This prompted the questions “how much ‘stuff’ do I really need to simulate the live music experience at home?” and “how expensive is this ‘stuff’ anyway?”

After experimenting with various setups for a few months now, I’ve learned that you don’t need a lot of expensive hardware to create a basic experience. By going more “pro” you risk getting to sensory overload more quickly.

Research paper on IoT and EVs. Prepared for Professor John Blevins @ UCLA Anderson 440–9 | Technology Management: Cloud Computing & Big Data. Cited works at the end.

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Executive Summary & Key Findings

  • Investments in smart city infrastructure and autonomous vehicles will have big social and economic benefits, including:
  • Enhanced urban mobility
  • Improved citizen and social care
  • Strengthened public safety by faster response times for ambulance, fire and police emergency services
  • Increased city and local business revenues
  • Cloud computing solution providers have developed technology frameworks to drive adoption by autonomous mobility providers and city infrastructure planners.
  • 5G and new data streams from IoT infrastructure will enable innovative business models with opportunities to monetize data by both municipal and private entities.
  • There is little agreement about standards, critical to connecting autonomous vehicles, humans, robots, and drones so they can coexist in smart city infrastructure. …


Ivan Todorov 🔥

Serial entrepreneur, investor, and advisor passionate about experience innovation in music, mobility, and smart cities. UCLA Anderson MBA.

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